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Melbourne-based DJ Dindi Gill, who was at a percussion gig in Suva recently.

Fiji, like every other country, has its share of music lovers across the many different genres, be it classical, pop, blues, reggae, country, or, good old rock and roll.

All the while, new styles of music continue to evolve. The influence of more developed countries trickles down to island nations like Fiji, with new and veteran musicians tuning up accordingly.

Fiji is familiar with classical music, reggae, pop, jazz, and the renowned vude music that has proven popular during traditional indigenous merry making.

Now, a new kind of music is hitting the Fiji scene.

Percussion, though not such an established style yet, is slowly building momentum.

Percussion music evolved from disco, which originated from African American and Hispanic communities in the US during the late ‘60s and early ‘70s.

It has since then grown into a popular form of entertainment, performed mostly in bars.

Percussion music is now entering Fiji’s music industry with a few musicians and DJs gathering at a popular nightspot in Suva to perform deep house and techno house music, mostly played at bars.

In 2005, a group of percussionists performed at the Traps nightclub in the heart of the capital city, playing for patrons who loved to sit at the bar or with a friend chatting over beer, and listening to the melody of percussion instruments like bongo and conga drums, and cymbals.

The same atmosphere was revived once again this year, four years after that initial event.

As in 2005, this year’s performance was witnessed by visiting percussionists, experts from abroad who now visit Fiji regularly to play alongside interested local musicians.

Earlier this month, Fiji Magic caught up with Dindi Gill, a United Kingdom DJ who now resides in Melbourne, Australia.

Gill was here four years ago playing alongside Fiji’s DJ Tora and others in Suva.

Gill said the essence of deep house and techno music was really to play something “different”, bringing out talents at the same time, particularly for DJs.

“Back in Melbourne, deep house and techno has been there for 20 years, played at bars there and it adds a new dimension to the music,” Gill said.

He said there were plans to pump up the momentum of percussion and techno music in the next few months.

“(Percussion and techno by DJs) is not a club thing so we don’t want to achieve club sound. It’s more of a bar sound and there are people who are interested in that,” Gill said.

The Melbourne DJ plays house and deep house music, which involves the minimal use of vocals, and tech house, which is faster paced, all of which is aided by...





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