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Beneath the surface of sea, in the coral reefs that fringe the Island of Taveuni is an equally rich eco-system.

Fiji's Garden Island, Taveuni is today a landmark for underwater enthusiasts and home to Maravu Plantation Resort and Swiss Fiji Divers.

Beneath the surface of sea, in the coral reefs that fringe the island is an equally rich eco-system that rivals the bio-diversity found on the surface.

Fed by rich nutrients that emerge from the depths of the Tongan trench, Taveuni is famous for its multitude of tropical fish and pelagics.

However, if there is one trademark or signature species in the area, it is soft coral which billows and undulates in the currents. Soft coral comes in dramatic, sometimes electric hues of orange, red, pink and white, which are fringed by purple.

While the diving Taveuni area is stunning and virtually unscathed by the 20th century, it is not generally a place to bring novice divers. The currents can be strong and unwieldy for those unaccustomed to them and one should have some prior experience as a diver before venturing here.

This is true when diving the Somosomo Strait, a narrow waterway located between Taveuni and Vanua Levu. Along the southeast shore of Vanua Levu one will find a barrier reef continually fed by microorganisms washed by the currents driven by the narrowing of the fun eel-like strait.

Protruding into the strait from the Vanua Levu side to about 3 kilometers from the shores of Taveuni is a magnificent reef.

Here one can find one of the most famous dive sites in the South Pacific, the Great White Wall.

It is named because of the unusual soft coral that inhabit the area. Starting at a depth of about 15 meters and continuing to over 65 meters, this underwater escarpment is covered with an almost luminescent white coral tinged with lavender.

There are a great number of other dive sites sprinkled throughout the area and new attractions are found all the time.

It is estimated that only three per cent of the entire reef system in the Taveuni area has been explored by divers and it's not unusual to see pelagics such as dolphins, turtles, eagle rays and a number of species of shark.

Between the delightful indigenous population and the abundant sea life, the visitor to Taveuni will not be disappointed.

Taveuni is the third largest island in Fijis archipelago and is located just south of Vanua Levu (Fiji's second largest island) across from the Somosomo Strait.

Verdant and rugged, it reaches a maximum height of 1241 meters at Mt. Uluigalau. The island is volcanic in origin, which is the source of its fertile soil...





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