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Unlike other sea creatures dadakulaci are amphibious they come ashore to rest and to lay their eggs.

Fijians call these sea snakes dadakulaci or yellow-lipped sea kraits as they are known in English.

Or if you want to go technical the scientific name for these snakes is Laticauda colubrine.

They are fairly common in Fiji waters and you are most likely to encounter them during your Fijian holiday.

But dont let this alarm you dadakulaci are usually placid and avoid people where possible. They are predators who feed mostly on eels.

And the way in which they hunt their prey is pretty amazing. Firstly they track down their prey by following odour trails.

They then kill their victims by injecting poison venom this venom also helps in the digestive process.

Unlike other sea creatures dadakulaci are amphibious they come ashore to rest and to lay their eggs. But you need not worry about encountering them on land dadakulaci are generally timid and often rest (and lay their eggs) well away from the prying eyes of inquistive people.

While they may be the Clark Kent of snakes they still need to be treated with respect and caution. People tend to have misconceptions of these beautiful snakes because of their mild and placid manner.

Many, for example, believe dadakulaci are not poisonous, that their fangs are rear mounted and that their mouths dont open wide enough to pierce human skin.

These conceptions are all wrong and misguided. Like all snakes, dadakulaci can disarticulate their jaws and do so when they strike. And they can open their jaws so that they are 180 degrees apart.

Like their relatives the more infamous cobras dadakulaci have front mounted fangs. And as for the venom sea snake venom is one of the most potent among all creatures great and small.

But these misconceptions may have arisen because of the nature of these snakes. Even if they are tempted to bite they may choose to withhold their venom. And their venom stocks are very small which means that if they have recently hunted they would be running on empty.

But despite their placid nature they should still be treated with respect if you dont provoke or tease them, they will happily stay out of your way. And if you do see one then its best to apply the look but dont touch principle.




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