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Fiji Magic
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The fruits are fresh and sweet as sugar
Bananas are among the favoured fruits in Fiji

You see lots along the roadside and heaps in the local market. They come in tantalising colours of red, green, yellow, orange and a mixture of colours.

Theyre refreshing, delicious, nutritious, and contain all the important vitamins, minerals and fibre you need for good health. Were talking about tropical fruits in season, abundant and going cheap at the local markets. Heres what is available.

A favourite fruit with children and adults is the mango, which ripens during the summer months of October and November. Mangoes grow wild in many Pacific Islands.

Impatient for the fruit to ripen, children can be seen high up in the many trees picking and eating this delicious fruit. There are many varieties varying in size, shape and weight.

The colours range from green, yellow, orange, red or a mixture of colours. This nutritious fruit can be bought very cheaply along the roadside or at the local market.

An excellent source of vitamins, pawpaws (also known as papaya or mummy apple) grow on almost every island in the Pacific. This fruit is one of the tastiest and healthiest foods found in the islands.

It is a popular breakfast fruit in many of the hotels and resorts. The fruit is yellow when ripe and should be handled carefully so that the skin will not bruise.

Naturally sun ripened, bananas are a tropical delight and come in their natural, easy-to-open packaging at an inexpensive price. There are two varieties eating and cooking.

Bananas contain a lot of energy which the body needs for warmth, work and play. This energy comes from the sugar and starch in the bananas. It is a good source of Vitamin C and A and potassium.

A real reviver is pineapple, even more delicious when chilled. On some islands this fruit which is rich in fibre is grown in large amounts for export.

It is a health-giving food which can be prepared in many ways. Pineapple contains a special substance called Bromelin which can be used to soften tough meat. Raw pineapple also destroys gelatin.

Another local delicacy that you find along the roadside or the local market is kavika (also known as rose apple or malay apple). Several varieties of this fruit grow in Fiji.

One variety is pale green and grows in clusters on the tree. The other bears a much larger fruit which turns a creamish pink colour when ripe. Both fruit have a crisp texture and rather subtle flavour .

The pink kavika has a delicate sweet flavour with a hint of rose water. Its a great dessert...





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