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Kaunitoni the Legendary canoe on display at the Fiji Museum in Suva.
Indian Bridal Jewelery, worn by women in the Indentured days on display at the Fiji Museum in Suva

The Fiji Museum holds a remarkable and exquisite collection of archaeological material which dates back to about 3,700 years and has a variety of cultural objects representing the many cultures in Fiji both the indigenous inhabitants and other communities that have settled in this beautiful Island group a century ago.
Located in the heart of Suvaís botanical garden, the museum will take you back in time and give a taste of Fijiís diverse cultures and transport you into an era of cannibalism and indentured system, which is far cry from the modern country it is today.
When you walk into the Fiji Museum you will be instantly filled with wonder and awe at the beautiful sites and cultural artifacts which are preserved to conserve the rich Fijian culture and identity.
One of the first things youíll see upon entering the museum is the ďKaunitoniĒ, the legendary canoe which brought the first Fijians to the beautiful Island of Fiji from Africa.
The Fijian gallery is also the best place to get an idea of how things used to be in Fiji before the arrival of the early western settlers and how it developed from a tribal colony to a democratic nation. The Fijian gallery offers everything from the old preserved pottery which was used by the first settlers to the jewellery and clubs used by the indigenous Fijians for tribal wars and marriages.
On further exploration you will see artifacts which will give you a true and fantastic experience of the different communities which have settled in the Fiji Islands.
There is a separate gallery known as the Indo-Fijian gallery in the museum filled with artifacts from the indentured laborers who were brought to Fiji to work on the sugar plantation which has now become the second largest export industry in Fiji.
There is quite an array of Indian cultural artifacts such as the Indian cultural costumes known as ďJumkaĒ (big earrings made of metal and brass), Paijab (thickly decorated anklets) and other similar jewelries which the Indian women thought necessary to wear in those days. This gallery even has a display of a small sample house of the ideal indentured laborers house.
Another section which will be worth your attention is the art and masi gallery. This section holds some of the best artwork by the local artists which is a fantastic display of color and talent. The masi which is type of traditional cloth made from the bark of the mulberry tree is one of the most frequently used materials in traditional Fijian culture. On display is...





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