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Fiji Magic
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Govind Park, Ba, is the place to be this weekend for all soccer lovers.

Govind Park, Ba, is the place to be this weekend for all soccer lovers.

The Interdistrict Championship is being held over four days, with the finals on Sunday.

Last years IDC Champions Ba is hot favourite for the championship.

The tournament is divided into two divisions premier and superpremier. The superpremier division is made up of the top 10 district teams while the premier division has 12 teams.

The first matches started today and the finals will be held this Sunday. Only five teams (Suva, Rewa, Ba, Levuka and Lautoka), took part in the first IDC held in Suva in 1938.

Fixtures and Results
Date Time Venue Fixture Result
09/10/08 9.00am Academy G1 Seaqaqa vs Nadogo (P1)
09/10/08 9.00am Academy G2 Dreketi vs Levuka (P2)
09/10/08 10.15am Academy G1 T/North vs Bua (P3)
09/10/08 10.15am Academy G2 Savusavu vs Vatukoula (P4)
09/10/08 1.30pm Academy G1 Seaqaqa vs Nalawa (P1)
09/10/08 2.45pm Academy G1 Vatukoula vs T/Naitasiri (P4)
09/10/08 5.00pm Govind Park Nadi vs Nadroga (SP1)
09/10/08 6.15pm Govind Park Nasinu vs Tavua (SP2)
09/10/08 7.30pm Govind Park Suva vs Labasa (SP1)
09/10/08 8.45pm Govind Park Ba vs Lautoka (SP2)
10/10/08 8.15am Govind Park Labasa vs Nasinu (Primary)
10/10/08 8.15am Academy G1 Lautoka vs Ba (Primary)
10/10/08 9.30am Govind Park Nadroga vs Rewa (SP1)
10/10/08 9.30am Academy G1 MGM vs Labasa Sangam (Sec)
10/10/08 9.30am Academy G2 DAV Ba vs Tilak High (Sec)
10/10/08 10.45am Govind Park Nasinu vs Navua (P2)
10/10/08 10.45am Academy G1 T/Naitasiri vs Savusavu (P4)
10/10/08 10.45am Academy G2 Rakiraki vs T/North (P3)
10/10/08 12.00pm Govind Park Tavua vs Lautoka (SP2)
10/10/08 12.00pm Academy G2 Nadogo vs Nalawa (P1)
10/10/08 1.15pm Govind Park DAV vs Labasa Sangam (Sec)
10/10/08 1.15pm Academy G1 Tilak High vs MGM (Sec)
10/10/08 2.30pm Govind Park Suva vs Nadroga (SP1)
10/10/08 2.30pm Academy G1 Nasinu vs Ba (Primary)
10/10/08 2.30pm Academy G2 Labasa vs Lautoka (Primary)
10/10/08 4.00pm Govind Park Labasa vs Nadi (SP1)
10/10/08 4.00pm Academy G1 Rakiraki vs Bua (P3)
10/10/08 4.00pm Academy G2 Taveuni vs Dreketi (P2)
10/10/08 5.30pm Govind Park Lautoka vs Nasinu (SP2)
10/10/08 6.45pm Govind Park Rewa vs Suva (SP1)
10/10/08 8.00pm Govind Park Navua vs Ba (SP2)
11/10/08 8.30am Govind Park Labasa vs Ba (Primary)
11/10/08 8.30am Academy G1 Nasinu vs Lautoka (Primary)
11/10/08 9.45am Govind Park Navua vs Tavua (SP2)
11/10/08 9.45am Academy G1 Tilak vs Labasa Sangam (Sec)
11/10/08 9.45am Academy G2 DAV vs MGM (Sec)
11/10/08 11.00am Govind Park Ba vs Nasinu (SP2)
11/10/08 12.15pm Govind Park Nadi vs Rewa (SP1)
11/10/08 1.30pm Govind Park Nadroga vs Labasa (SP1)
11/10/08 2.45pm Govind Park Premier Semifinal (P1 vs P3)
11/10/08 2.45pm Academy G1 Premier Semifinal (P2 vs P4)
11/10/08 4.00pm Govind Park Tavua vs Ba (SP2)
11/10/08 5.30pm Govind Park Nadi vs Suva (SP1)
11/10/08 6.45pm Govind Park Rewa vs Labasa (SP1)
11/10/08 8.00pm Govind Park Lautoka vs Navua (SP2)
12/10/08 8.30am Govind Park SP Semi W1 vs R/up 2
12/10/08 10.00am Govind Park SP Semi W2 vs R/up 1
12/10/08 11.30am Govind Park Primary Final
12/10/08 1.00pm Govind Park Secondary school Final
12/10/08 2.30pm Govind Park Premier Final
12/10/08 4.00pm Govind Park Super Premier Final




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