Court dismisses Qarase's appeal
May 30, 2013 04:00:03 PM

The Fiji Court of Appeal today dismissed former Prime Minister Laisenia Qarase’s appeal against his sentence and conviction.

Qarase is convicted of six counts of abuse of office and three counts of discharge of duty with respect to a property in which he has a private interest.

The court heard that all four judges agreed with the High Court decision and decided that the judgment be affirmed.

The appeal was made before Justice William Calanchini, Justice Suresh Chandra and Justice Eric Basnayake.

Qarase while employed as director of Fijian Holdings Limited between 1992 and 2000 and as Financial Advisor of the Fijian Affairs Board and advisor to the Great Council of Chiefs, in abuse of the authority of his office, did arbitrary acts.

Qarase applied in the name of Cicia Plantation Co-op Society Limited, Mavana Investments Limited and a family owned company named Q-Ten Investments Limited for the issuance and allotment of Class A shares in Fijian Holdings Limited.

By Mereani Gonedua