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Fiji Jokes


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Temp Bell-ringer (3608 views)
Quasimodo wants to go on a little vacation, but before he can leave he needs to find a temporary replacement bell-ringer.

He advertises, and one guy after another shows up and auditions, but they just can't seem to produce the quality of tone Quasi is looking for.

Eventually, one last guy shows up but he has no arms. Quasi asks "How do you intend to ring the bells?"

The guy demonstrates by backing up and running head-first into a bell. The sound is great.

Quasi is enthralled. The guy does it again and again. On his last try, he misjudges the swing of the huge bell and is knocked right out of the window, and he plummets to the ground and is instantly killed.

Quasimodo hunches down the stairs to where a crowd has gathered around the body. He is asked, "Who is this man?"

"I don't know his name, but his face rings a bell."


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