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Fiji Jokes


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Dishonesty (3650 views)
Once a couple were getting married.
after the marriage, the husband took a promise from his wife never to open a special cupbourd which he owns. The wife agreed.
30 years passed, then the wife happened to be cleaning the house, she accidentally saw the special cupbourd in her husband's absence.
She got curious and opened it. She found 3 golf balls and $9999.
She then thought why her husband had hidden that from her, so she asked him for an explanation.
He said that everytime when he betrayed her, he put 1 golf ball in the cupbourd.
The wife got angry at first then she forgave him saying betraying her 3 times in 30 years wasn't so bad.
Then when she asked him what was the $9999 for and he said that everytime his cupbourd was getting full, he sold the golf ball for $3!


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