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Fiji Jokes


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Tame Alligator (1343 views)
A bloke walks into a bar with an alligator.

He walks up to the bar and says "I would like a beer thanks."

The Bar man says "Sorry mate you can't have that alligator in here."

The man says "No it's tame I can prove it to you."

So the man throws an ashtray at it's head, and the alligator just shrugs it off.

The bar man says "No I'm still not convinced."

So the guy puts his dick in the alligators mouth and throws an ashtray at his head and the alligator still does nothing.

The bar man looks real impressed so the man says "Would anyone else like a go ?"

An old lady in the back corner says "Yeah I would, but could you please not throw an ashtray at my head."


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