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Fiji Jokes


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Nemani (1706 views)
It was year 2020 & it was first trip for Nemani to USA. One afternoon while
strolling he came across a brothel. Being curious he went inside to check
it out. A lady (pros) approached him. Nemani asked her how much. The lady
replied I dont accept cash, only master card & visa card. Nemani said not
to worry cos he got a card which is not established in any of the world.
The lady agreed & they made love for quite a long time. When they finished
Nemani took a FNPF card from his wallet and handed over to her. The lady
was amazed cos she has not seen any of those cards before. Nemani said this
is a Fijian card. The lady asked what does FNPF stands for. He replied:

F Fuck
N Now
P Pay
F Friday


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