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Fiji Jokes


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Russian roulette (10408 views)
A Fijian leader makes an official trip to Russia. At the end of the trip, the Russian leader tells the Fijian that in Russia they have a custom performed at farewells called \"Russian Roulette\" to demonstrate one\'s courage.

The Russian whips out a revolver and to the amazement of the Fijian leader, loads one chamber, gives the cylinder spin, puts the gun to his head and pulls the trigger.....CLICK.....empty chamber. He hands the revolver to his Fijian guest, and says, \"Your turn.\"

\"Sa, meu mate?\" (\"You want me to die?\"), but not to be outdone, the Fijian repeats the ritual....CLICK.....empty.

The next year, the Russian visits Fiji. At the end of the trip, the Fijian fella tells his Russian peer that he was very impressed with \"Russian Roulette\" and that he has spent the last year devising a Fijian ritual to demonstrate one\'s courage.

The Fijian fella then disappears through a door only to reappear a few minutes later smiling, and says, \"Your turn.\" The Fijian escorts the Russian through the door. In the room are six of the most beautiful, naked women he has ever seen.

The Fijian explains that he is to choose one of the women, who will perform oral sex on him. Absolutely dumbfounded, the Russian asks, \"What kind of test of courage is this?! \"

The Fijian fella calmly answers, \"One of them is a cannibal.\"


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