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Fiji Jokes


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Heavenly Bank Loan (2143 views)
Following the coup de'tat in Fiji in 1987, three friends namely Mr. Fong (a Chino-Fijian), Mr. Patel (an Indo-Fjian) and Jone (a Fijian) stole a car in Suva to travel to Nadi. On their way, the car went off the road and hit a tree, killing all the three friends. With sadness their families got tgether and conducted their funeral together and they were all buried in Suva on the same day.

The next day, they all turned up in Heaven and met with St Peter at the Golden Gate. To their surprise, St Peter informed them that he did not expect to receive them in heaven so soon. As such, he will give them another chance in life and return to earth. However, they will have to pay a fee of $100 each to get their life back.

So a few days after the funeral, Mr Fong's relatives and friends were shocked to find him back in Suva alive and well. They asked him what is happening as he was already dead and buried.
Mr. Fong then explained the offer that was made by St Peter, so he paid his $100 and that is why he returns from the dead.

When he was asked about Mr. Patel; Mr. Fong explained "that when he left Heaven, Mr. Patel was still barganing with St Peter to reduce the cost from $100 to $80". What about Mr. Jone; Mr. Fong explained that the last time he saw him, "Jone was still going from Bank to Bank 'kerekere' (asking) for a loan".


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