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Fiji Jokes


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Horse Style (1972 views)
Young couple who were both virgins were about to get married. The tradition was that they will need to have the "go" on that same night where the girl will need to be identified as a true virgin...which will be followed by great fetivities and celebration of both the parties.

On the evening of the main day, the grannies were all wondering how the two will be able to do this as they are both virgins, and are still not aware of what to do. So one of them suggested to visit the two in their private room and teach them.So she did.....

she told them to both undress and they did. she also does the same...head to toe!!

Young girl was asked to lie on the floor facing up, saggy granny on top of her facing up too, and handsome on top of her facing down.

Granny then took control from there.

she told handsome to enter "i-cake"(the top) which he did to hers, then "i-ra"(below) which he then did to grand daughter. she kept telling him as.....i-cake......i-ra....i-cake....i-ra..i-cake, i-ra,i-cake------i-ra,ra,ra,raaaaaaaaaahhhhhh!!!!


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