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Fiji Jokes


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Pacific Island Contest (1799 views)
A Pacific Island Contest is underway at the Pasifika Festival in Auckland.
The 3 finalists are from the following countries..Samoa, Niue and Fiji.
The judge says, "ok, for this question, you are to complete the nursery rhyme and spell the missing word."
The judge then turns to the Samoan dude and asks, "Old McDonald had a ...." the Samoan dude, being brought up in the US yells out, "RANCH! R-A-N-C-H!!" "Sorry, thats not the correct answer." says the judge.
He then turns to the Niuean dude and asks, "Old McDonald had a ...." the Niuean, being brought up in NZ yells out, "AN ESTATE! E-S-T-A-T-E!!"
"Sorry, thats not the correct answer." says the judge. He then turns to the fijian dude who is all now so excited to answer.
The Judge asks the Fijian, "Old McDonald had a ....". the Fijian dude yells out with excitement, "FARM!"
The crowd are cheering for the guy. The judge trys to quieten them down, then he asks the excited fijian, "Now to win the contest, spell the word."
The excited Fijian yells out, "E-I-E-I-O!!"


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