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Fiji Jokes


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Fijian Romance (1634 views)
He looked to the heavens and begged and prayed that he may have the ability to express his emotion and affection to his true love through the strings of the instrument he played.

When the night was at its darkest, he would play his instrument outside the window of the girl he was with.

He would play with such passion that it would capture anyone who even heard a faint cry of the strings that were played.

It was so sweet in its melody that as a tear fell from his eyes it seemed to fall so slowly, that even time had stopped to listen to it.

She appeared from her window and looked at him with a look that stared into the very soul of the musician

A look that melted the very inside of his heart.

Then, she spoke.......

SONA LEVU !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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