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Fiji Jokes


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Only in Fiji (2018 views)
One night, two policemen were patrolling the streets of Suva, the capital city of Fiji. Driving past the Southern Cross Hotel, they noticed an Indo-Fijian man and a Fijian woman walk out of the hotel and get into a car. The two policemen decided to follow them to `book’ them.

On the next street, MacGregor Road, they stopped their car. The man was surprised as he thought he couldn’t have done anything wrong. The officer writing the information had to write the site of the questioning. However, he could not do so since he could not spell the name MacGregor – the name of the road. His colleague did not know either.

They asked the Indo-Fijian man for the spelling of MacGregor but he refused to tell them, saying that it was their job and not his, since they were the policemen.

At that point the other policeman said, “Let them go. We’ll get them on Rewa Street”, which was the next street.


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