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Fiji Jokes


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Only In The North (2231 views)
An Air Fiji flight, was flying over the Ra passage, on its way from Nadi to Savusavu, and the pilot was a local boy.

Suddenly, the engines start spluttering and the worried passengers look out the windows to see that the propellers have stopped.

A voice booms over the static of the intercom - 'Ladies and Gentlemen this is your pilot speaking, I'm sorry but we're experiencing difficulties with both engines and the plane is losing altitude. The only way to prevent the plane going into freefall is to lighten the load. So yalovinaka please - all baggage must be thrown out.'

A little later, the pilot's frantic voice cuts in once more 'Im afraid we're still losing altitude; so please just throw out everything in the cabin'.

Despite everything being thrown out, the plane continues its rapid descent.

Pilot:'Still going down, people - sorry but we will need to have a few passengers jump out please - parachutes can be found in the pockets under your seats'.

The passengers suddenly realise what he has just said and panic sets in.

Pilot: 'But don't panic - to be fair we will do this in alphabetical order...orright?'

here's a pronounced silence within the cabin.

Pilot: 'Set...Starting with 'A'... Is anyone from 'Aveuni on board?' No one moves.

Pilot: 'Ok 'B'...any Bua on board?' No one moves.

Pilot: 'C...any Ca'audrove on board?' Still no movement.

Pilot: 'D...any from Dreke'i, please' One passenger stands, dons a parachute and moves towards the exit.

A toddler's voice is then heard from the back of the plane asking his dad - 'Tata - where we from?'

Tata: 'Zavuzavu.........'


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