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Fiji Jokes


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Xmas Bonus (718 views)
There were three garbage men (one driver and two on the back collecting trash). It was getting close to Christmas and they decided to tell the residents that they would be by on December 21 to collect their Christmas bonuses.

So December 21 comes around and they are all on their route. The 1st garbage man knocks on a lady's door and says maam I'm here for my Christmas bonus. So she takes him upstairs and does him. He leaves.

Next the 2nd garbage man comes up and knocks on the lady's door and he says ma'am I'm here for my Christmas bonus. So of course she takes him up stairs and does him too.

He says thank you ma'am and leaves. Then the driver comes up to her door and knocks and says ma'am I'm here for my Christmas bonus.

So she says wait a minute and she walks in the kitchen and gets an envelope with $20 and says here thank you for your service this year.

The driver upset says ma'am I don't understand why you gave my two coworkers awesome sex for their Christmas bonus and I get a lousy $20.00.

The woman replies well sir my husband and I decided that we couldn't afford much this year so he told me to give the driver $20 and screw the other two.


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