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Fiji Jokes


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Man Back From War (735 views)
A man is back from the US-Iraq war and is with his wife for the first night so she says to him, "Honey do you wanna do something?"

"No," he replies and they fall asleep.

The following day she goes to a sex therapist and she gives her a plan. That night she stands by the window and feels the breeze, takes off her top and says, "Ooh, look what the wind blew off!"

Then she takes off her jeans and said, "Ooh, look what the wind blew off!"

Then she takes off her undergarments and said "Ooh, look what the wind blew off!"

Then her husband got out of bed and stood up and started to undo his jeans. His wife got all excited.

Then he pulls down his knickers and says, "Look at what Saddam blew off!"


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