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Fiji Jokes


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Why Am I Black? (1837 views)
A just married white couple decided to make love on their wedding night in the hotel.

The wife did not want to get pregnant straight away so requested the husband to buy condoms from the shop nearby. When the husband went out, the wife waited anxiously in the room with all the lights switched off.

The husband had a hard time finding a shop that sold condoms and when he finally found one, he realised that he had only one 20 cent coin on him. He asks the shop owner to sell him one condom and the shop owner asked him which quality he wanted.

"The white condom, lowest quality, is 15 cents each. The black condom, average quality, is 20 cents each. And the purple condom, highest quality, is 25 cents each."

So the husband took the black condom as he had only 20 cents.

While the husband was out, a thief - a black man - came into the room. The wife did thought that it was her husband. She grabbed the thief and happily started having sex with him.

When she had finished, she was so exhausted that she fell asleep immediately. When the husband reached the hotel, he found his wife sleeping.

Without a warning, he jumped onto her and started making love to her vigorously. The wife was surprised that the husband was so energetic after she had thoroughly enjoyed a session with him.

Nine months later, the wife gave birth to a baby boy who had dark skin. When the boy grew up, he asked the father. "Papa, why am I black and you are white?"

The father shouted "You are damn lucky, if I had 5 cents more, you would have been purple ..."


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