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Fiji Jokes


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Keep The Motor Running (1275 views)

A man 80 years of age married a young lady. A year later he carried her to the hospital, and she had a baby. The nurse said to the man: "At your age, how do you do that?" The man answered: "You just have to keep the motor running". Another year passes, and the man carries her back to the hospital, another baby. The same nurse said to the man and asked: "You are something else, how do you do that?". He said: "I told you that you just have to keep the motor running". Another year and back to the hospital for another baby. The same nurse said: "You are unbelieveable, how do you do that?!". He said: "You got to keep the motor running". She answered: "Well, you better change oil, because this one came out black".


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