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Fiji Jokes


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Pregnant (2400 views)
A lady around seven months pregnant got on a street car and sat down.

She noticed the man opposite her smiling. Feeling humiliated, she promptly changed her seat.

This time, his smile turned to a grin. She changed her seat again.

He seemed still more amused.

When on the fourth change he burst out laughing, she could not bear it any longer.

She complained to the conductor, who had the man arrested.

When the date came up in court the judge asked the man if he had anything to say.

"Your honor, it was like this," he said. "When the lady came in, I could not help but notice her condition."

"She sat under a sign that read, 'Gold Dust Twins coming.' I had to smile to myself".

"Then she moved under an ad that said, 'Use Sloan's Linament to reduce that swelling.'"

"When she placed herself under 'William's Stick Did It,' I couldn't hold myself."

"The fourth time she sat below, 'Goodyear Rubber would have prevented this accident,' and I laughed out loud!"

"Dismissed," said the judge.


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