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Fiji Jokes


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Three Wishes (1016 views)
A married woman was walking along a river when she came upon a frog who said "I am a magic frog and if you kiss me I will grant you three wishes. However, I must warn you that any wish you make will also be granted to your husband only 10 times stronger."

She thought about it and said what the hell so she kissed him and said "I wish to have ten million dollars."

The frog said "You do realize that your husband will be ten times richer than you?" She nodded so he granted her wish.

She then said "Next I wish to be the most beautiful woman in the world and for men to love me."

The frog said "You know that your husband will be far more handsome than you and will attract 10 times the women." She nodded so he granted her wish.

"Now," the frog asked "What is your final wish?" She smiled and said "I want a mild heart attack!"


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