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Fiji Jokes


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Oops, Wrong number! (2150 views)
Two girls went out for a pub crawl.

After a night of heavy drinking and clubbing, they accidentally dropped the house keys down the drain outside their home.

Not wanting to wake everyone up, they decided to call little brother who was asleep inside.

A voice answered the phone and big sis said: "Peter, can you please open the door?"

The voice answered: "Who is this?"

"It's me," the big sis screamed.

"Me who?" the voice asked.

"Oilei, open the door before I knock all your teeth out. You little rat," she answered. "And stop fooling around."

After minutes of exchanging nasty words over the phone, she then realised that the voice sounded different.

Big sis then paused, and politely asked, which Peter is this.

"This is Peter Smith - and I am staying in Lami.

"Oops! Sorry sir, wrong number, pls, realising only then it was Peter, her friends boss.


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