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Fiji Jokes


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Tampon Jokes (1158 views)
1) Why is the blonde jumping from the tenth floor? She is testing the wings of the new Always ultra!

2) Why shouldn't blondes skydive when they are "having their days"? They could pull the wrong string!

3) How do you know that the barwoman doesn't like you?
The string in the bloody mary.

4)A girl goes to the doctor and says, "Doctor, I think there's something wrong me."
"Why?" asks the doctor.
"I saw on TV that when you use Tampax the fluid is blue, but mine is red!"

5) What is another name for a used tampon?Vampire's tea bag

6) What lurks in the dark, has wings and sucks blood?It's the new "Always ultra maxi pad."

7) Why did the blonde jump off the bridge? She thought her maxi-Pad had wings!!

8) A blonde went to the bathroom and when she came back, she couldn't find her pencil. All she could find was her tampon stuck behind her ear!

9) Where would you be if you were not conceived? At the top of a tampon

10) Why do tampons have strings? So cooties can go bungee-jumping!


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