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Fiji Jokes


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Mother In Law (1439 views)
It is a known fact that all daughters-in-law have problems with their mother-in-law. Anyway... One day the daughters-in-law all got together and decided to apologise to their mothers-in-law for everything they had supposedly done wrong.

A week later the daughters-in-law decided to take their families (including their mothers-in-law) on a picnic.

The mothers-in-law were all in one bus, which was the first to leave.

On the way their bus had an accident and all the mothers-in-law died.

The daughters-in-law were devastated but one in particular was more heart broken than the rest.

Everyone tried to console her by telling her that at least her mother-in-law had died without any tension between them.

But still she cried. Eventually when she was calm enough to speak the other women asked her: "Why are you crying so much? Was your mother- in-law that special?"

The woman now sobbing uncontrollably replied: " No, she missed the bus!"


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