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Fiji Jokes


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Rabbi (1248 views)
A Preacher, a Priest and a Rabbi are playing golf and discussing the various ways they work out the split of the collection plates.

The Pastor says, "At our church, we draw a 3 foot wide circle on the ground and throw the money straight up and whatever lands outside the circle, I keep and the rest goes to God".

The Priest, thinking himself a little more pious, says, "We use a one foot wide circle, we also throw the money and whatever lands inside the circle goes to me and the rest goes to our Father up in Heaven.

Then, they both look at the Rabbi. The Rabbi says, "Alright, already! We in the Synagogue are a little different; we never got as fancy-chancy as you, with the circle thing. However, we do throw the money high up in the air and whatever God wants; . . . he keeps".


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