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Fiji Jokes


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Hypnotist (1153 views)
An unemployed singer waz asking at a bar about a job opening when the bouncer asked if he was a hynotist.

He said no and then the bouncer let him in.

When he asked the bar tender if where the manager is, the bar tender asked if he was a hynotist and he said no so the bartender showed him the manager's office.

The manager gave him the job but asked him if he was a hynotist and he just had it.

He asked the manager what is this business with the hynotist.

The manager replied that the last week, they hosted a party for Priests and Nuns from their area and they had a hynotist entertain them.

Midway through, the hynotist slipped, fell off the stage and shouted "FUCK" in anguish.

You know what God is thinking of us now.....


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