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Fiji Jokes


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Baptism Questions (1232 views)
Three little boys were concerned because they couldn't get anyone to play with them. They decided it was because they had not been baptised and didn't go to Sunday School. So they went to the nearest church but only the janitor was there.

One little boy said, "We need to be baptised because no one will come out and play with us. Will you baptise us?"

"Sure," said the janitor. He took them into the bathroom and dunked their little heads in the toilet bowl, one at a time. Then he said, "You are now baptised!"

When they got outside, one of them asked, "What religion do you think we are?"

The oldest one said:
"We're not Kathlick because they pour the water on you."
"We're not Babtis because they dunk all of you in the water."
"We're not Methdiss because they just sprinkle water on you."

The youngest one said, "Didn't you smell that water?"

They all joined in asking, "Yeah! What do you think that means?"

"I think it means we're Pisspatarians ..."


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