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Fiji Jokes


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Unusual Eating Habit (1224 views)
Five Indian fishermen just returned from a fishing trip, sent the only person who speak good English among them to report to their European 'Boss' that they have returned.

However, they would like to have a short break and have some food before they unload their catch. The spoke-person went and related the message to the 'Boss' at his house, located a few yards from the jetty.

The 'Boss' in response, telling the spoke-person that it is alright for them to have a break.

However, they have a choice whether they want to remain and "eat at the boat' or " they could come and eat at the kitchen". As for the spoke-person, the 'Boss' wants him to return and " eat with him (Boss) in the house so that they could discuss the 'catch of the day.

The spoke-person returned to his friends and announced in English:

"Hey boys' the 'Boss' said that it is OK to have a break, 'if you want to eat the boat, "eat the boat"; 'if you want to eat the kitchen, "eat the kitchen", as for me the 'Boss' wants me to come and "eat the house".


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