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Fiji Jokes


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What A Greeting (708 views)
A husband and his wife are having a fight. The man calls his wife a bitch, the wife calls her husband a bastard.

The son asks "What's a bitch and a bastard?" The parents say "ladies and gentlemen".

The next night they are having sex and she says touch my tits and he says grab my dick.

The son hears this and asks, "What's tits and dick?" They say "hats and coats".

The next day is thanksgiving and the father is shaving and cuts himself and says "shit".

The son asks "What's shit? The father says it's my shaving cream.

The son goes down to where his mum is cutting the turkey and stabs herself. "Fuck," she says.

"What does fuck mean," asks the son. "It means stuffing the turkey," says the mother.

(The doorbell rings] ... "Would you get that?" The son answers the door to the relatives, and says "Ok you bitches and bastards put your dicks and tits in the cupboard, Dad is upstairs wiping the shit off his face and mum is in the kitchen f...... the turkey."


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