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Fiji Jokes


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Speaking Problems (460 views)
Once a boy went to the store. He'd had speaking problems all his life, so the things he said didn't always turn out right.

He went to the bakery first. He went up to the baker and said, "Can I have a bum?"

"You mean a bun?" the baker asked.

"Yes, a bum." The boy took the bun and left.

He went to the hardware store next. He went up to the salesperson and said, "Can I have a fuckit?"

"You mean a bucket?" the salesperson asked.

"Yes, a fuckit." The boy took the bucket and left.

Then he went to the pet store. He went up to the pet store owner and said, "Can I have a cockinspankit?"

"You mean a cocker spaniel?" the pet store owner asked.

"Yes, a cockinspankit." He took the cocker spaniel and left.

But then his cocker spaniel ran away. The boy went up to a policeman and said, "Please, sir, can you hold my bum and fuckit so I can grab my cockinspankit?"


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