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Fiji Jokes


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Prayer Time (1181 views)
A father was praying with his son at bedtime and the son was saying: "God, please take care of mommy, please take care of daddy, and goodbye Spot."

Well, imagine Dad's surprise the next day when their dog died! A few days later his son was praying: "God, please take care of mommy, take care of daddy and goodbye Aunt Jane. The next day Aunt Jane was struck by a car and died.

Next week he prayed: "God, please take care of mommy, and goodbye Dad."

Well you can imagine how upset Dad was. The next morning he drove into work at 5:00 AM in order to avoid traffic, and he locked his office door and never allowed anyone in. He waited until ten that night before leaving and driving home.

When he finally got into his front door, he said to his wife: "Honey! You can't imagine what an awful day I've had!

His wife replied: "You had a bad day! The milk man died right on our front steps!"


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