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Fiji Jokes


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Best friends (1459 views)
Tom and Mike were two best friends.They attended kindergarden together,primary school,high school and now university at USP.
Of course mike was the smater one and Tom was average.
Tom have always seeked for jobs and was always unsuccesful so he asked mike for help.
Mike was eager to help him so he told Tom "Lets go for a job interview but i'll go first and tell you later the answers and questions.Thank you very much mike".
lecturer:who is the prime minister of fiji?
Mike: Voreqe Bainimarama
Lecturer: excellent
Lecturer: when was fiji independant?
Mike:the fiji government tried it from 1965 until fiji was independent on Oct. 10th 1970.
Lecturer:excellent excellent
Lecturer:final question what is the population of fiji?
Mike:the research is still going on but when i do get the answer i'll be able to tell you.

Mike came out of the office and told tom the answers so tom went in the office.

Lecturer:who is your father
Tom: Voreqe Bainimarama
Lecturer: Are you seriuos
Tom: Yes i am
Lecturer: When were you born?
Tom: My parents tried from 1965 and i was finally born on oct.10 1970.
Lecturer: are you dumb!!!
Tom:the research is still going on but when i do get the answer i'll surely tell you.


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