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Fiji Jokes


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Half is Better Than None (760 views)
A very good looking guy is walking down the beach and he sees a woman with no arms or legs, just "sitting" there.

As he approaches her, he notices that she is crying her eyes out.

He bends down and asks "why are you crying?"

She replies, "I've never been deeply kissed, would you kiss me?"

So he thinks for a second and then bends down, gives her a deep kiss and starts to walk away again. But then she starts bawling and crying even louder. He turns and asks why she's crying this time. She looks at him wantonly and says, "I've never been fucked before."

So he thinks for another second, walks over to her, bends down and picks her up, and chucks her into the ocean, and says, "Well, you're fucked now."


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