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Fiji Jokes


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Three Contestants (1062 views)
Three contestants on a game show were trying to win prizes.

The emcee asked the first one, “for $3000 who invented the telephone”

“Alexandra Graham Bell,” she answered.

“Right you are and as an added bonus what is your home town”

“Orange Grove Florida” she answered. O.K. you will receive a year’s supply of the biggest and best oranges” said the emcee.

He asked the next one, now for $2000 who discovered America?

“Columbus she answered. Right and what is your home town? Asked the emcee.

Peach tree Georgia, she said. O.K. you will receive a year’s supply of the biggest and best peaches for a year”

He then asked the last one, “now for $1000 who was the first president”

“George Washington, she said” “Right you are” said the emcee

The lady screamed out “I beat you all and hit the jack pot!”

“How can you say that asked the other two, you only won $1000"

“I’m from Petersburg.” She replied.


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