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Fiji Jokes


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Don't you hate it when:

When people see you lying down, with your eyes closed, and they ask: R u sleeping? (No! I'm Trying 2 Die?)

When it's raining & someone notices you going out, they ask: R u going out In this rain? (No, in the next downpour.)

When your friend calls on your landline and asks: Where are you? (Where else? At the bus stop!)

When they see you wet coming from the bathroom: Did u just have a bath? (No, I fell in the toilet bowl!)

When you're standing right in front of the elevator, on the basement level & they ask: Going up? (No, no, I'm waiting for my apartment to come down & get me.)

When u bring a bunch of flowers for your sweetheart, and they ask: Wow! Are those flowers? (No baby! They are carrots.)

When you're in the queue to buy tickets at the cinema, and a friend sees you & asks, What are you doing here? (I'm here 2 pay my school fees).


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