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Fiji Jokes


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Suaar Ke Bachhe (2528 views)
One day Laloo was traveling by car. He was going to a village for campaigning. Suddenly a piglet came before the car. The driver couldn't hit the brake at the right time and the baby pig was killed.

At the sight Laloo was deeply moved and felt very upset. He called the driver and said,"Jiska e suuar hai hum usko compensesan dena chahta hoon. Usko dhundke lav."

At his words the driver went to the nearest village and came back after some time with a tilak on his forehead, garlands around his neck and lots of money in his hands.

Laloo was surprised. He asked ,"Hum tumko kaha tha ke uss aadmi ko laiye aur tum aise wapas aaye ho! Baat kya hai?"

At this the driver replied, "I told them about the incident. Hearing it they rejoiced, put tilak and garlands on me, then danced for some time and gave this money."

Laloo then asked, "Aap unko egjactly kaa bole?"

The driver replied: "Main bola, main Laloo Prasad Yadav ka driver hoon, maine suaar ke bachhe ko mar dala hai ..."


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