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Fiji Jokes


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Birds love you, monkeys love you, hippos love you, snakes love you, tortoise love you, giraffe loves you..... Please go back to ZOO, they all really miss U!

God saw u hungry, he created Domino's pizza. He saw u thirsty, he created Pepsi. He saw u in dark, he created light. He saw ME without problems, he created YOU !

You = cute ; You = hot ; You = sweet ; You = intelligent ; You = amazing ; You = perfect ; Me = liar.

I have a confession to make, ever since I have known u, Its kinda hard for me to forget u. Every night u appear in my dreams.... And I find my self shouting..... BHOOT !!! BHOOT !!!

u r 100% beautiful, u r 100% lucky u r 100% sweet , u r 100% nice and u r 100% stupid to believe these words.

If U sneeze once, Think I'm remembering you. If you sneeze twice, Think I want to Meet U. If U sneeze thrice, Think I'm Missing You. 4th Time, Fool Take A Tablet !


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