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Fiji Jokes


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Missed Call (2600 views)
In stone age there were no means of communication.So people used pigeons as mobile phones, tied messages in there necks or legs and made them fly to there destination.So the other party used to do the same thing after reading the messages from the pigeons.

As time passed by mobile phones replaced the pigeons and became the most fastest way of communication.

But there was one wicked money minded man who still used pigeons to send message to everyone irrespective of having mobile phone.He did this to save credit in his mobile.

His brother thought of teaching him a lesson. What he did was, he tied a blank paper around the pigeon's leg and made it fly to his money minded brother.

As the brother saw the pigeon standing on the window he went towards it to read the message.As he looked at the paper.......... it was all blank. He became so worried that he called his brother from his mobile to ask him was he okay.

He asked his brother what was the blank message for?

Nahh not much................

I was just giving you missed calls.......... haha!


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