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Fiji Jokes


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Samoan Scent (2924 views)

Once there was an old Samoan lady that stepped into an elevator and on
her way down an elevator, it stopped and a rich Chinese lady stepped
in. Then, two floors later, a rich palagi lady stepped in. As they were
going down, the Chinese notices the perfume that the palagi lady was
wearing and says to her, "Mine is Mystiq, $250 an ounce." The palagi
lady looked over and said "Prolong, $375 an ounce." As the elevator
came to a stop the old Samoan lady bent over, farted and said "Corn
Beef, 48¢ an ounce!"

Monday Night Football
A palagi and Samoan man were watching monday night football together.
The palagi said to the Samoan man "I'll bet you ten dollars that the
quarterback throws an interception on the next play". The Samoan says
"Alright". The next play the quarterback throws an interception. "oh
says the Samoan, and gives the ten dollars to the palagi. The palagi
says "I can't take your money, because I heard this game on the radio
earlier this afternoon". The Samoan man says "So did I, but I didn't
think he will be stupid enough to do it again".


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