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Fiji Jokes


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Hostess (1760 views)
There were 3 friends, a palagi, a meauli and a sam, all of whom went out looking for jobs together to help pay for their rent for they shared an apartment and were running low on cash. They walked by a bakery that had a post up on the window reading "3 Employment Positions Available: Inquire Inside". They were stoked thinking what a coincidence...and walked in with huge smiles on their faces. They went up to the manager and asked about the job. The manager told them they could start right away, but they had to do one thing. They had to use the word Hostess in a sentence. The palagi man went first thinking to himself "Damn, this is easy..." and said " I had a Hostess cup cake yesterday for dessert."

The manager said "great!" and told him to go get started in the back room. The meauli was next. He was thinking and said"...Uh, okay, my wife was the hostess at our Christmas party." The manager said "GREAT! go help your friend with the work in the back" and he left. Now it was the Hamo's turn.

The Hamo was thinking and thinking for a long time...finally he said, "Oi, ia oke, lass night, da phone was rang, and I was picked it up and said "HO-STESS!!!!""


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