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Fiji Jokes


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Deer Hunting (2335 views)
There was a contest being held in America to see who was the best hunter.
The contestants were a white guy , a black guy and a Samoan guy.
They went out to hunt while the media waited.

After twelve hours the white guy came back with two deers, the media
rushed to him and asked how he did it and he said, 'Well, I looked for
the trails, the tracks, I find the tracks, I follow the tracks and
then "boom", I shot the deer.'

Then the black guy came back with four deer, then the media rushed
to him and asked the same question and he said, 'I looked for the
tracks, I find the tracks, I follow the tracks and "boom", I shot the

Two days had past and the Samoan guy finally came back with his
clothes all torn up. Then the media rushed him and asked him what had
happened and he said, 'Firsh I look for da tracks, I find da tracks,
I follow da tracks and "BOOM" da train hit me.'


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