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Fiji Jokes


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Diary On A Cruise Ship (2321 views)
Dear Diary – Day 1
All packed for the cruise ship - all my sexiest dresses and make-up. Really excited.

Dear Diary – Day 2
Entire day at sea, beautiful, saw whales and dolphins. Met the Captain today - seems like a very nice man.

Dear Diary – Day 3
At the pool today. Did some shuffle boarding and hit golf balls off the deck. Captain invited me to join him at his table for dinner. Felt honoured and had a wonderful time. He is very attractive and attentive.

Dear Diary – Day 4
Won $800 in the ship's casino. Captain asked me to have dinner with him in his own cabin. Had a luxurious meal complete with caviar and champagne. He asked me to stay the night but I declined. Told him I could not be unfaithful to my husband.

Dear Diary – Day 5
Pool again today. Got sunburnt and went inside to drink at piano-bar for the rest of day. Captain saw me, bought me several large drinks. Really is charming. Again asked me to visit his cabin for the night. Again I declined. Then he told me if I did not let him have his way with me, he would sink the ship. I was shocked.

Dear Diary – Day 6
Today I saved 1600 lives. Twice.


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