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Fiji Jokes


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Loss Of Memory (1660 views)
A doctor opened a clinic & wrote outside the clinic: Any treatment is $30 and if we can't treat it, we will pay you back $100.

A man thought he was clever and thought he could grab an easy $100.

He says to the doctor: I can't feel any taste on my tongue ...

Doctor asks the nurse to put few drops of medicine from box no 22.

After that the man shouts: "What did you put ... it's urine!

The doctor congratulated him, saying his sense of taste was back.

The man was angry as he lost $30.

After two weeks the man comes back again and this time he thinks he can get back his previous $30 too.

Man: Doc! I've lost my memory.

Doctor: Nurse! Pls put some drops of medicine from box no 22 on his tongue.

Man: Wait, doctor but that medicine is for sense of taste.

Doctor: Congratulations your memory is back.


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