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Fiji Jokes


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The Diagnossis (1462 views)
A woman was desperate to meet a companion

She went to single bars, single dances, etc. but she could never meet anyone who would go on a date with her, much less sleep with her. So in her desperation she went to see a sex doctor, named Dr. Chang.

She asked Dr. Chang, "Doctor, please help me find out what's wrong with me!"

So Dr. Chang said, "Take off all yu cwothes" So she did. Then he said, "Now, get on yu hands and knees and craw weal fas away frum me, den craw weal fas back to me" So the young lady did

Dr Chang looked at her and said, "I know what wong with yu ... Yu got weal bad case of Zachary disease!"

The lady asked, "What the heck is that?"

Dr. Chang replied, "Dat's wen yu face lok zachary like yur butt!"


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