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Fiji Jokes


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Husband and wife have just finished shagging when suddenly a bee flies in through the bedroom window and zooms straight up the woman's love tunnel

"Oh Lord!" she screams.
"Help me! There's a bee up my vagina and it's buzzing around in there (albeit rather pleasurably)!

On arrival at the emergency room the agitated couple are ushered into a curtained-off area by a male doctor. "What seems to be the problem?" he asks

"I've got a frigging bee up my vagina" screams the woman. "Get it out!"

"I see, says the doctor. "Well, there's only one way to extract this bee. I'm going to have to spread honey on my nob and entice it out"

The doctor gets out his old fella and dunks it in a jar of honey he just happnes to have with him. He then mounts the woman and penetrates her with his sticky sweet love stick

"Just an inch or two should do it", he says. After a few seconds he slides it in a bit further. After another few seconds he says "Hmmmm, it doesn't seem to be biting. I'll have to go deeper" and slides it in all the way

Suddenly he starts fondling her boobs with his hands, thrusting violently with his hips and moaning with what sounds like pleasure

"HOLD IT!" says the husband,from behind the curtains "What are you doing?"

"Change of plans!, shouts the doctor ... "I've decided to drown the little bastard!"


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