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Fiji Jokes


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Don't Mess With (1452 views)
One day John's tennis elbow was acting up. The nurse tells him that the doctor could see him right away but first he'd have to give a urine sample. John said that it was absurd, but the nurse insisted and John complied.

"So that tennis elbow is really acting up huh?" the doctor said

"The nurse must have told you," said John, wondering how the docor knew. "No, it was in your urinalysis" the doctor continued to say that he had just purchased a new machine that could diagnose every physical condition with total accuracy based on the urine contents. John didn't believe a word of this but did agree to provide another urine sample on his follow-up visit

Two days later, John was telling his wife and teenage daughter about this ridiculous machine; when John decided to have a little fun with the doctor. He pissed in the bottle as did his wife and daughter. Then while walking to the garage, he has a brainstorm; John put a few drops of oil from his crankcase in the jar and finally beat off and added semen. This time his uruinalysis took half an hour. Finally, John was ushered in to see the doctor "I've got some bad news , smartass. Your daughter is pregnant, your wife's got V.D., your car is about to throw a rod, and if you don't stop beating off, that tennis elbow is never going to heal!"


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