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Fiji Jokes


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Dog's Ball (1862 views)
There was a man in Ba named Dip Chand. One day he went to the doctor complaining that one of his balls are not working properly and he can't have sex well. The doctor examines the balls and says that he has to operate the balls in order to get it fixed. Dip Chand agrees and the doctor tells him to come after three days to get it put back. Dip Chand goes away.

Just as he left, another man turns up with a dog as the same problem as Dip Chand. The doctor again examines the dog's balls and explains to the owner that he has to remove the balls to get the problem fixed. He then takes the ball out and the owner leaves the office.

The doctor then fixes both the balls but while doing that he forgets which one belongs to the dog and which one to Dip Chand. After three days, Dip Chand comes and doctor being confused over the mix up, he puts the dog's ball on to Dip Chand. Dip Chand was very happy and was advised to come and see the doctor after 1 week about the progress.

One week passed and Dip Chand comes back to report the progress of his newly operated ball.

The doctor asks Dip Chand how his balls are and how is his sex life? Dip Chand said his sex life was great again, but there was just one problem.

The doctor asked what the problem was.

Everything is alright except when I go to piss, my right leg starts to go up ...


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